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Community Comment # 5 // August 6, 2017

Poopsie Leroux of Anaconda writes:

I just had to make another comment about the new county Planning Director, Chas Ariss. This guy STILL thinks he doesn’t have to follow the law, because he is a high and mighty county official now. In the first photo below, taken a few days ago, here he is again, illegally parked on a yellow zone, closer than 20 feet to a crosswalk, one block away from Lincoln Elementary School.  

CHas ARiss Thumbs His Nose At The Law

In these next photos, taken today, August 6, it looks like Chas Ariss has ANOTHER vehicle, parked completely ON the yellow zone on Cedar Street, and too close to the crosswalk at the intersection. 



Ariss also has a big TENT set up on a trailer on 7th Street, hanging out into the street easement, which is considered a PUBLIC NUISANCE, because it’s blocking the right of way. Chas and his woman must be waiting for the “Rainbow Family” to arrive so they can rent that tent out and make some additional cash. When you are the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Planning Director, it’s OK to turn the public street in front of your house into a campground. All you need are some orange traffic cones and it’s totally OK.



Uh, NOPE. Sorry, this is not legal. The tent definitely qualifies as a public nuisance because it’s hanging over the legal right of way in the street. So, Ariss thinks those orange traffic cones somehow make this legal? NOT EVEN! Who does this Ariss guy think he is??? What if everyone in town did this, with the orange cones and all? This tent is encroaching on the PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY.

The photo directly below, showing Ariss parked perfectly ON the yellow zone, was taken almost three months ago, so this illegal parking has been ONGOING since Ariss was hired by the county. 


Reply by Scoop Trooley:

Howdy Poopsie! Thanks for the photos. Yep, Chas Ariss doesn’t seem to get it.  If this guy so blatantly scoffs at public safety so near to an elementary school, we can only imagine what he is doing in his “official position” as county Planning Director! CEO Everett should be ashamed of himself for hiring this cocky Ariss guy, but CEO Everett was seen talking illegally on his cell phone while driving a few days ago, so of course CEO Everett thinks he is immune from following laws as well! Typical Anaconda double standard….

Community Comment # 4 // July 12, 2017

Clayton Evans of Anaconda writes:

You know, anyone who has taken an oath to defend The Constitution of the United States of America, and then think they are above the Supreme Law of the Land, anytime they commit an action against it, they are turning the Constitution into a piece of toilet paper, and there needs to be a list of these toilet paper-making people. ..

Sadly here in Montana a lot of public officials, even extending to the governor’s office, fit into this category. They might be enraged to see their names but all they have to do is respect the Constitution and do their jobs. 

Is it that friggin’ hard to overcome their narcissistic arrogance and sociopathic human frailties? If they can’t do their jobs with respect for the public who pay their wages, then they should quit, or if any other public official knows about crimes against the Constitution, then they should make sure the offenders get fired. Look into the mirror each day and think about it, you all know who you are!!!!

Reply By Scoop Trooley:

Hey, I will be happy to start that list of local corrupt government officials for you! But I disagree that these people KNOW they are corrupt. These folks apparently think they are “Pillars of the Community”, but they are most certainly not. Here are my top picks:

  1. District Court Judge Ray Dayton
  2. County Attorney Ben Krakowka
  3. Deputy County Attorney Michelle Sievers
  4. Deputy County Attorney Kathryn McEnery
  5. Chief Executive Officer Bill Everett
  6. Chief of Police Tim Barkell
  7. Assistant Chief of Police Bill Sather
  8. Justice of the Peace Larry Pahut
  9. Water Department Supervisor Paul Puccinelli
  10. Executive Assistant Heather Edwards

This is the “short list”. There are many, many others but I would say these are the TOP TEN corrupt local government employees.

Community Comment # 3 // March 2, 2017

Clayton Evans of Anaconda writes:

The Department of Criminal Investigation is never short-staffed when they want to screw someone over!

Reply by Scoop Trooley:

I bet if they actually investigated, they would catch a lot more crooks than just the former CEO, which must be the real reason there is no investigation happening. Can you imagine if half the courthouse staff got arrested for tampering with public information, including County Attorney Ben Krakowka himself? That would require EXTRA staff members at the Department of Criminal Investigation.

Community Comment # 2 // February 28, 2017

Mark, a former resident of Anaconda, writes:

Can you shed any light on this nugget from the County Commission meeting minutes for Feb. 14, 2017:

Previous CEO Allegations:
“County Attorney Krakowka informed the Commission that the allegations regarding the previous CEO were turned over to the Attorney General’s office. The Attorney General turned over the information to the Department of Criminal Investigation. The Department has been short-staffed recently. Upon its review, the Department of Criminal Investigation declined further investigation into the allegations against the previous CEO due to being short-staffed.”

What were these allegations? Do you know?

Reply by Scoop Trooley:

Howdy Mark, it looks like other folks might have the same questions about this issue, judging from another comment posted below. I have limited information about this, and this is strictly hearsay at this point, but from what I gather, former CEO Connie Ternes-Daniels had an outside computer specialist come in to her government office, on her last day in office before Bill Everett took over as CEO.

Connie allegedly had this computer specialist completely wipe her government computer CLEAN… she allegedly left no programs, no data, NOTHING on her government computer for the newly elected CEO to see. She allegedly cleaned all the paperwork out of her office, too. There was allegedly not one page of a paper document or any computer data left in her office when the new CEO Bill Everett was sworn in.

Connie was also allegedly caught on the courthouse cameras loading boxes of government documents into her car, and she allegedly took them to be illegally SHREDDED in Butte. Connie was allegedly photographed IN BUTTE, unloading the same boxes out of her car at “Pro Shredders”, and taking the boxes in and leaving without the boxes.
I cannot confirm any of this, but if the Montana Standard editor is telling people that there is no merit to these allegations; that seems not exactly true. It sounds like the allegations were NOT investigated. If no wrongdoing was found, it was simply because nobody investigated. It sounds like these allegations do have merit but that state authorities are too lazy to deal with the allegations, and it sounds like the new CEO Everett doesn’t have enough cojones to press the issue! Just my two cents on this subject…

Community Comment # 1 // February 27, 2017

Clayton Evans of Anaconda says:

Just wondering if it is true that Connie Daniels wiped some info off her computer with the help of a W.E.T. employee. The Montana Standard Editor told me it was looked into with no wrongdoing found. It is such a strong rumor in this town, you would think if it was, or if it wasn’t that The Montana Standard would put it to rest. Trying to destroy any public records is a crime, although here in Anaconda, the type of CRIME that never gets prosecuted, along with any misconduct of office, no grand juries on missing people (Helen Gracia) or people last seen with her in a vehicle, when a local bar closed up for the night.