Bill Everett “Reaches Out” To Bill Hill

Posted By Scoop Trooley // August 13, 2017


A Bromance Is Born

Well folks, we might be in trouble now. It has come to my attention that Anaconda-Deer Lodge County CEO Bill Everett and the notorious former County Parks and Recreation Director Bill Hill have been rubbing shoulders, and this does not bode well for Anaconda. These guys have become just a little too buddy-buddy.

Bill Everett apparently doesn’t seem to care about all those rumors…. those rumors that say Bill Hill (allegedly) embezzled from the Parks and Recreation Department while he was still working for the county. Back in 2003, the citizens were not getting all the information about WHY Mr. Hill left his county employment, and that is when the embezzlement “rumors” started.

This is what The Montana Standard said about the issue, at that time:

Hill and another department employee, Laura May, left their posts in December 2003, during a routine budget audit and an investigation by the state attorney general’s office. No charges were filed after that investigation.

Why is it that these Deer Lodge County government officials NEVER, EVER get charged with any crimes? Is it because they are so far above the law, they are exempt? After he dodged the law, and skated free from whatever (alleged) embezzling he supposedly did, Mr. Hill then filed a lawsuit against the county for “wrongful discharge”.

The lawyers involved in that lawsuit were none other than Pat Gallagher and Mike McLean, so that makes the whole affair rather shady right there. CEO Everett is big buddies with Pat Gallagher as well. I believe Mr. Gallagher now does contract lawyer work for Deer Lodge County. Go figure. Sounds like the Good Ole Boy Club is alive and well at the courthouse once more.

I have heard that Bill Everett has a soft spot for embezzlers. Indeed, Everett’s own wife is a convicted embezzler. Even with all those rumors floating around about Mr. Hill’s (alleged) sticky fingers and in spite of Mr. Hill’s reputation, Bill Everett sucked right up to Bill Hill. It’s like Everett thinks Hill is some sort of upstanding citizen or something.

You would think CEO Bill Everett might want to AVOID schmoozing with any suspected embezzlers, but this apparently isn’t happening. I am disgusted, to say the least. I did not think the newbie CEO Everett would be that stupid, but I was badly mistaken.

I’ve been hearing the same rumors about Bill Hill for years now, all over town. Maybe they’re not rumors, and what people are saying about him is TRUE. Perhaps Bill Everett is just naturally drawn to shady, unethical people. We need to keep a close eye on Bill Everett AND Bill Hill (and all their lawyers) to make sure we know where our taxpayer money is REALLY going. I don’t trust Bill Everett AT ALL at this point. 

bill_everett CEO Bill Everett

Bill_HIll Bill Hill, Bill Everett’s Buddy

The Goosetown Tournament: A Real Good Time

titsburgfeelers The Titsburg Feelers

Bill Hill’s Big Event

The bigger the better. Part of the fun of the big annual Goosetown Softball Tournament is thinking up a silly, humorous name for your team. Some of the team names at Bill Hill’s big event are just so HILARIOUS. This Titsburg team (I found out later) STOLE their name from Fantasy Football, so it’s not exactly ORIGINAL, but you get the idea.

Anyway, the so-called softball team from Titsburg was spotted (by ME) speeding down Park Avenue in Anaconda during the Goosetown weekend, with their team name, Titsburg Feelers, and big NAKED BOOBS painted on the back window of their speeding vehicle, which was veering in and out of the traffic from lane to lane. Their car was causing a dangerous situation for other motorists. Too bad I didn’t snap a picture… but I was driving, trying not to get hit by the speeding Feelers.

Class act, those Goosetown Titsburg Feelers! In the photo above, I can’t tell if these chicks are players, cheerleaders, or just frisky out-of-town softball groupies. Who knows, but I bet Bill Everett and Bill Hill are real proud of the atmosphere this softball tournament creates in town.

Family Fun For Everyone!

Bill Hill advertises “family camp sites” for his big event. I am sure this is so the kiddies will be able hear the announcer loud and clear at the Washoe Park Ballfield, when he announces the WINNING TEAMS! We wouldn’t want any kids to actually WATCH this, I promise. Anybody who takes their kids to this event should be ashamed of themselves.

The first place women’s “C” team this year at the so-called ASA Goosetown Softball Tournament was Mitts and Titts, and the second place women’s C team was Nice Snatch. (How catchy!) Here’s some more winning women’s team names: Cleats and Cleavage, Breaking Balls, and of course Shit Showwhich is exactly what Bill Hill’s tournament has become.

The Goosetown Tournament brings a trashy, disgusting, sexist, loud, lewd, drunken aura to our little village, and that is exactly what Bill Hill is aiming for. Hill even advertises this wild and crazy event as “The Woodstock of Softball”.  No kidding. How cool is that? Here’s a screen shot of Bill Hill’s promotional page. Is the Goosetown Softball Tournament really sanctioned by the Amateur Softball Association, ASA? Really? 



The “Woodstock Of Softball”… Groovy!


Is this what it looks like? My goodness, this must be the legendary Woodstock of Softball, of course! Groovy, man! Far out! Power to the people! I cannot imagine what else this would be. It looks like this woman is desperately reaching out for some clean toilet paper, a Bud Light, and the bong.   Sex!  Drugs!  Rock ‘n Roll !!!  It’s the Woodstock of Softball, and it’s got some balls!

Well there you have it. Anaconda is the place in southwest Montana where you can come to act up and be obnoxious, and behave in ways you would never dare to behave in your OWN town. Actual “sportsmanship” seems to be NOT important for this big annual softball extravaganza. (This IS supposed to be a FAMILY event, right?) 

I think the biggest beef folks have with this tournament is the rowdy, disrespectful, disgusting behavior of the out-of-town participants, and especially the disgusting behavior of its promoter, Bill Hill. And I think if Goosetown had a different promoter, other than Bill Hill, this tournament would have a much better reputation locally and elsewhere. I would like to see concrete proof that this event is truly sanctioned by the Amateur Softball Association, because I don’t believe it is.

The Discussion At The Commission Meeting:

Bill Hill normally pays the county a mere $1000 for the use of the county softball fields and the grounds of Washoe Park for his softball tournament. Several commissioners and citizens have questioned this practice in the past. Several folks feel the fee should be higher, given the wear and tear on county property and county resources used.

Bill Hill donated money to Bill Everett’s campaign last year, so naturally Everett owes Hill a few favors. At the July 5 commission meeting, CEO Everett made a huge pitch in favor of Bill Hill, and insisted that for this year’s Goosetown tournament, Bill Hill should get to use the county ball fields and most of Washoe Park for free, no charge at all. Bill Everett said that Bill Hill “does a lot for the county”, so he shouldn’t have to pay a fee to hold his event.

CEO Everett argued and argued in favor of waiving the $1000 fee for Mr. Hill. He was adamant about it. Apparently, Bill Everett wasted a lot of time at that commission meeting trying to sway the commissioners into waiving the fee for Mr. Hill at the last minute. County Attorney Krakowka agreed with Everett, and he too urged the commissioners to waive the fee, but it looks like the commissioners voted down the waiver anyway, since an agreement was already in place to charge Mr. Hill the fee.

Follow The Money. Where Does It Lead?

Also according to the commission meeting minutes, Bill Hill personally pays our Anaconda police officers double-time-and-a-half to work during the Goosetown Softball Tournament. Bill Everett stated at the June 27 commission work session:

The procedures are almost identical to years’ past … (police) officers will be paid double-time-and-a-half by Mr. Hill.

~ County CEO Bill Everett, June 27, 2017

Does this mean Bill Hill is the weekend shift commander for the Anaconda Police Department? For that one weekend out of the year?

How does Bill Hill pay (off) the police officers? In cash? Probably.

Our (police) officers are excited to get paid double-time-and-a-half, and the taxpayers are not footing the bill.  

~ County CEO Bill Everett, July 5, 2017

I am not sure how this works. A private citizen, such as an event promoter like Mr. Hill, should not be allowed to personally PAY the government’s police force to provide “security” for his money-making events. Maybe if the softball tournament was reimbursing the county for the extra police officers that weekend, it would look more legitimate, but nobody said anything like that. It doesn’t sound like this double-time-and-a-half is disbursed on the cops’ government paychecks. It sounds like Mr. Hill pays the cops himself, out of his own pocket.

Gee, with Bill Hill as their boss, paying a whopping wage of double-time-and-a-half, I can only imagine these Anaconda cops just sort of … look the other way if any crimes are happening down there at Washoe Park during the big drunken Goosetown camp-out. At the Woodstock of Softball, anything goes!

Since when do private citizens get to hire out public police officers? This arrangement sounds like county-sanctioned cop bribery to me, but what do I know? All I know is that Bill Hill has a very bad reputation and it’s rumored he embezzled from the county, so I think Bill Everett should not be sucking up to Mr. Hill in the way that he has. It just looks extra fishy. To this jaded observer, Mr. Hill simply looks like an unethical, greedy hustler, blessed by CEO Everett, his partner in crime. That’s what it LOOKS like, anyway. 

Now Let’s Look At The Audit Report (again):

I have not seen anything mentioned in the commission meeting minutes about the county’s not-so-good audit report recently. Remember how Bill Everett was telling everyone he was so big on “government transparency” when he was running for CEO last year?

Well, what is going on with the county audit problems? The state is starting to threaten the county over the bad audit, so I think the citizens need to know WHAT IS GOING ON. CEO Everett is an accountant by trade, a financial adviser, so of course all the voters expected him to deal with the rotten county audit report.

Remember? One of Everett’s big talking points during his campaign was all those “corporate audits” he (allegedly) did. You would think CEO Everett would be more forthcoming with information about his county’s true financial situation. The current Anaconda-Deer Lodge County audit report indicates there is possible fraud, and possible embezzlement, going on in certain county departments, including, not surprisingly… 



Look folks…. it has been many, many years since Bill Hill was discharged from his post as Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Parks and Recreation Director, due to discrepancies in a routine audit.  The audit report posted above is the most up-to-date report the county has released, to date. Now, over a decade later, this audit report is still showing there is possible fraud in the Parks and Recreation Department, which could definitely include embezzling and might possibly involve Bill Hill as well.

Maybe instead of worrying about waiving the softball tournament fees for Bill Hill, CEO Everett should worry about FRAUD in the Parks and Recreation Department and keep a closer eye on what Mr. Hill is actually doing, since Hill reportedly still has complete access to County Parks and Recreation Department property. Will Everett do that? Will he do the right thing? Probably not. Everett is not an honest man. Everett turned out to be just another lying politician.

What’s The Deal With Bill Everett and Bill Hill?





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