The Villagers Are Feeling Revolted

August 8, 2017 // Today’s Photos From Anaconda, Montana



Is Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Chief Executive Bill Everett a CRIMINAL TOO? 

If he looks the other way when he knows crimes have been committed, and if he supports County Attorney Krakowka’s continued criminal activity, then YES, Bill Everett is a criminal too. 

This blog will be posting more about Krakowka’s crimes in the near future. It amazes me how many crimes County Attorney Krakowka gets away with, but sooner or later his criminal deeds will catch up to him, and Bill Everett will have to answer a few questions, as well. CEO Everett has turned out to be a rather shady character himself, but this should come as no surprise. On election day last year, Candidate Everett was simply the lesser of two evils, and that’s not saying much.

I was hoping this new blog could focus on more positive things than government corruption, but unfortunately these local government officials are getting worse, not better. CEO Bill Everett jumped right into the corruption cesspool, head first, and now he’s swimming in it. Everett apparently feels quite comfortable in the company of criminals.

CEO Everett has sucked up to the most unethical county employees at the courthouse, and that is NOT what this blogger voted for. He’s now just another lying politician rubbing shoulders with the likes of Ben Krakowka. (More on this in upcoming blog posts.) I have given Bill Everett the benefit of the doubt long enough. I am not impressed with his people skills, and certainly not impressed with his questionable ethics. He is schmoozing his way to the top, folks. And the citizens are the last thing on his mind.

The Deer Lodge County corruption cesspool is a toxic brew, much more poisonous than even arsenic, asbestos and lead. We already knew Krakowka drank that kool-aid long ago, and now Everett has too. Both Everett and Krakowka need to realize they can be easily REMOVED from their official positions with a special election. It’s time to clean up this county, folks. It starts at the courthouse. CEO Everett isn’t going to do it, so it’s up to the citizens.


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