What Makes A Patriot?

Posted By Scoop Trooley // July 4, 2017


What Is Patriotism?

Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.   ~ Mark Twain

Well, that just about sums it up, doesn’t it? This blog article is proudly brought to you by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

God Bless America! 

And What About That Police Chief?

Last month, my blog posted photos of the new Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Planning Director Chas Ariss illegally parked on the corner yellow zone in front of his house. Today, as a special Independence Day treat, I am posting photos of yet more illegally parked vehicles, this time right in front of the Anaconda Chief of Police’s house. My photos were all taken yesterday, July 3, 2017. This blog post might start some fireworks, but so it goes. Here’s the first photo:And In_Front_of_Barkell's-with3dogs -

What do we see here? This is a typical Anaconda scene. In the photo above, we are looking down a very steep hill at the street and sidewalk in front of Anaconda Police Chief Tim Barkell’s house on Locust Street. His house is behind that big tree you see on the right-hand side of the photo. The street dead-ends here at the base of the hill, in the foreground of the photo.  The only way to access this south end of Locust Street with a vehicle is by driving in from the north end of the street, shown in the upper left of the above photo.

I don’t believe any of those angle-parked vehicles on the left side of the above photo are legally parked.  I believe this practice of angle parking across from the Chief of Police’s house on Locust Street just sort of “evolved”, without any actual laws whatsoever. 

There are no lines painted on Locust Street to designate this angle parking, and I cannot find anything in the Deer Lodge County Code of Ordinances that addresses angle parking, either. For angle parking on a city street such as this, I believe a special permit is required, at least that is what the STATE law says. In the absence of any local ordinance dealing with angle parking, the county should defer to the Montana Code.

This scene shown here, with all those cars and trucks sticking out into the street, looks very unsafe in the case of an emergency, such as a house fire on that dead end block. What if two or three fire trucks had to drive up Locust Street there? It would be a logjam. If you look at the actual codes, the law specifies parallel parking only on a street like this.

Chief Barkell’s Dead End.

The following photo was taken from the opposite direction, and shows the dead end of Locust Street from the street view, courtesy of Google Maps. This dead end is actually an abandoned section of West 8th Street, so at one point in history, this was apparently NOT a dead end, and traffic could turn either right or left at this south end of Locust Street.

Many maps still show this section of West 8th Street, but it was obviously blocked off many years ago to traffic. It is still public property, however. Unless, of course, those homeowners at the end of this street have gained a prescriptive easement to use it, and to block the public off of it.  It is not clear as of this writing whether this section of 8th Street was actually legally abandoned by the county. This photo was taken by Google in 2012:

unnamed (2)

It looks like fire trucks would indeed have a hard time accessing this part of Locust Street, not only because of the angle-parked vehicles sticking out into the street, but also because of the dead end. For vehicles, there is only one way in and one way out, since Locust Street abruptly stops at the hill right near Chief Barkell’s house. You have to wonder how a fire truck would even turn around at the end of this street.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At This Scene:

Dogs-illegal-parking - Copy

Photo Taken by Scoop Trooley on July 3, 2017.

I am almost certain the cluster of angle parked vehicles across the street from Barkell’s house is totally illegal, and I KNOW there are two illegally parked vehicles right in front of Police Chief Barkell’s house, as shown here. Both of these vehicles are violating the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County code by “parking on the wrong side of the street” and going the wrong way. These vehicles should be turned around in the other direction to be legally parked, even on a dead end street. I have personally seen Barkell driving around in a yellow jeep, so the jeep in the photos here must belong to him.

That old pick-up truck is in violation of another law as well, because it’s parked closer than 15 feet to a FIRE HYDRANT. So, even if a fire truck could easily drive to the south dead end of Locust Street, this old pick-up truck would cause problems because it is illegally blocking the fire hydrant, right in front of Police Chief Tim Barkell’s house.

That’s a rather new fire hydrant. I believe it was installed there in 2013. And I believe the street curb around that fire hydrant should be painted YELLOW, because folks are NOT supposed to park there, but I am assuming the police chief got an “exemption” from that law, no doubt.

It would be almost impossible for the Fire Department to hook up their FIRE HOSE to this fire hydrant, with that pickup truck parked so close to it. You would think Police Chief Barkell might be more concerned about the safety of his own neighborhood, but he apparently couldn’t care less. This is completely illegal, and very unsafe. We have a law against this for a REASON!

Dogs-illegal-parking - Copy

What The Heck?

There is obviously something else going on in these photos. In addition to the illegally parked vehicles in front of the Chief of Police’s house, this looks suspiciously like an Anaconda pack of dogs, running loose, harassing the U.S. Mail Lady for treats. I bet this unruly dog pack extorts Milk Bones from that poor Mail Lady every single day!

Here they are, five rowdy dogs committing (alleged) canine extortion, right in front of Police Chief Tim Barkell’s house. The photo below is fuzzy. I have zoomed in and darkened it to show the details. This photo shows two dogs on the lawn, three on the sidewalk…. and one brave U.S. Mail Lady:

Dogs-illegal-parking - Copy

WOOF! You Must Give Us Milk Bones…. NOW!!

If you do not give us Milk Bones, we will pee on your fire hydrant! Anaconda DOES have a leash law, but I am assuming this pack of dogs lives nearby, and they belong to Tim Barkell’s various neighbors, and that is how they get away with running loose. The Anaconda dog community has gangs of bullies just like the human community does!

Maybe a couple of these dogs even belong to the Chief himself. Our local Anaconda Police Chief scoffs at actual laws, especially in his own neighborhood. That black dog, the one who looks like a Rottweiler cross, was up in the cemetery running around as I began taking these photos. He was making friends with me, but when he spied the Mail Lady, he took off like a banshee down the hill, and began circling around her, most likely trying to extort Milk Bones from the poor woman.

I have heard tales about Anaconda mail carriers spending huge amounts of their own money to carry Milk Bones in their mail bags every day, handing out treats to dog packs all across Anaconda to avoid getting harassed or bitten. The police are in charge of animal control, so what is WRONG with Police Chief Barkell? This pack of dogs is literally at his own front door! I am sure they are not REALLY vicious dogs, they’re just….. canine extortionists. We all know what they do. They are very hard to say “no” to.

Oh, and I think the Anaconda cops need to start writing some parking tickets up on the 700 block of Locust Street. The State of Montana prosecutes parking tickets as misdemeanor crimes in Anaconda, so I think Barkell and his neighbors should have to stand trial for these heinous parking crimes just like regular citizens do. Fair is fair. Even if it IS the Anaconda Chief of Police. NOBODY is above the law, not even Tim Barkell.



3 thoughts on “What Makes A Patriot?

  1. Scoop I thought you would realize that dogs are a vital part of the election procedures in Deer Lodge County and cannot be caught for fear of losing votes.


    • These dogs must have all voted for Chief “Barky” Barkell, then. That must be how he managed to get elected again! I didn’t vote for Barkell. I wrote in “Barney Fife” on MY ballot!


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