The Poop On The New Planning Director, And Then Some



Hi Folks! I’m Back. And Totally Disgusted!

It’s me, Poopsie… back from a blogging break and doing a guest post here on the Views and News blog. As many of you know, I started writing the The Anaconda Double Standard out of sheer frustration with the massive government corruption in this neck of the woods. I won’t go into detail again here, but for those of you who are not familiar with my saga so far, you can get a good idea about the situation by reading just two articles from my blog:

A Sad And Shameful Story: Part 1  

A Sad And Shameful Story: Part 2

To make a long story short, the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County government rarely follows its own laws, or even the United States Constitution for that matter.  The police, the county attorney, the judges and the CEO just don’t like being bothered with LAWS. We have way too much crime in Anaconda, for such a small town.  The murder rate here is totally unacceptable as well. Another bloody domestic violence murder has happened just in the few months since I wrote my final blog post on The Anaconda Double Standard.

My once-nice neighborhood is getting more and more run-down, crime infested, and dangerous. Unfortunately, the only decent government department I have encountered here in Anaconda is the Fire Department, but they only have limited jurisdiction. They are not the police and they answer to the dubious county CEO Bill Everett. Our firemen can’t arrest drug dealers, but whenever a fire breaks out, these guys are the best. If not for them, the whole town would have blown up in a giant gas explosion by now. 

The Fire Department Can’t Do It All.

So, even with help from the Fire Department, the sad and shameful saga of my declining neighborhood is not going to end any time soon, not even with the election of a brand-new County Chief Executive Officer. We all remember the local election of 2016. It was a contentious battle for CEO, between the corrupt Connie Ternes-Daniels and the political newcomer Bill Everett, who swore he was real big on “government transparency”.

Of course we know that Bill Everett won the election, but things haven’t changed much in my dangerous, crime-ridden neighborhood, and there is no relief in sight. For me, things have actually gotten worse. And the county is still covering up and hiding public information. I have discovered that CEO Bill Everett has no intention of dealing with the illegal and unsafe zoning mess right next door to my home on 8th Street. This particularly upsets me because I voted for the man.  

So much for “eliminating blight”. We have more blight than ever, two blocks away from Everett’s office at the historic courthouse. CEO Everett drives by my house frequently no doubt, as do many county officials. And just like the corrupt Connie Ternes-Daniels before him, Everett just ignores the blatant zoning violations. Go figure.

Is CEO Bill Everett A Pussy?

I know Everett was quite interested in my blog during his campaign. Bill Everett wanted to know how many people were reading The Anaconda Double Standard. It would not surprise me if the blog may have helped him get elected. Who knows.  At any rate, I hope it helped Connie get UN-elected. To date, there have been 11,974 unique visitors to The Anaconda Double Standard, and over 33,450 views. That’s more people than every man, woman and child in Anaconda-Deer Lodge County. The Anaconda Double Standard adds new readers daily, as well.

And while my blog has never “gone viral”, I don’t want it to. It’s a local blog, and it has a lot of inside jokes that nobody else in the world but Anaconda locals would understand. I posted plenty of damning information on that blog. I posted PROOF that county employees were messing with the public records and lying about it. NOBODY did anything about my complaints… I truly believed Bill Everett would address my issues. I was wrong. He has sided with the bullies.

CEO Everett is far more interested in playing around with the county’s landscaping than dealing with actual, URGENT public safety issues that could result in explosions and fires in a residential neighborhood! In the past year, we have had three more home foreclosures in my neighborhood, resulting in empty houses and more blight. Gee. I wonder WHY? Bill Everett needs to wake up and smell the coffee. He talks a good line of bullshit, but so far I am not impressed. 

As of today,  to my knowledge, NOTHING has been done to hold these unethical, law-breaking county employees responsible for what they have done.  NOTHING has been done to hold accountable the folks responsible for the unsafe zoning violations next to my private home. By law, these serious zoning violations should have been abated, and those responsible for the mess charged with crimes, yet NOTHING has been done. I have been complaining for YEARS, but things just keep getting worse, not better.

If CEO Everett reads my blog, then I believe he has full knowledge that certain county employees have committed felonies and other crimes, yet he chooses to look the other way and ignore it. Why would a newly-elected official cover up for his crime-committing employees? Somebody needs to ask Bill Everett that question. By all appearances, Everett has become good buddies with the corrupt Chief of Police AND the totally corrupt, incompetent County Attorney. Everett sucked right up to the most corrupt people in the county the minute he was sworn in.

Heather Edwards Should Be Charged With Felonies.

Heather Edwards is CEO Everett’s (inherited) executive assistant. Heather Edwards has worked at the courthouse for close to 20 years at this point, holding several jobs including the Clerk of the Commission. She knows her way around the courthouse, and the county laws and procedures, better than almost any other county employee. I truly believe this Edwards woman needs to be charged with SEVERAL counts of felony tampering with public information.

I personally know her to be a nasty, two-faced liar. For well over a year,  Ms. Edwards withheld public information from me about the property right next to my private home, and she flat-out lied in more than one email. I believe a few of Ms. Edwards’ alleged partners in crime should be charged with felony tampering as well. After all, they lied and obfuscated about the mess next door to my home for several years, and the lies continue to this day.

I think CEO Everett covers up for Ms. Edwards just because she’s a FEMALE… she’s cute and she probably bats her eyelashes at him. No doubt. Heather Edwards should be fired and sent to prison for a few years, in my opinion. Keeping her around makes Bill Everett look particularly shady.

Paul Puccinelli Should Be Charged With Felonies Too!

Here’s a dubious county employee who apparently was given his cushy government job simply because of his family name. It wouldn’t surprise me if most folks in Anaconda agree with me. Paul Puccinelli, the County Water Department supervisor, caused me a massive amount of pain and woe when he (allegedly) lied through his teeth about a county water line next door to my home.  I had to spend two days in jail because of this man’s (alleged) lies and non-existent ethics, and I refuse to let that slide. This man is simply NOT NICE. The county would be a lot better off if Paul Puccinelli didn’t work there.

I don’t believe you can trust a single thing this Puccinelli character says, and I vehemently believe that his water department goons FAKED a residential water service turn-on last summer. No doubt in my mind.  I would bet that CEO Bill Everett is much too chicken to step on any Puccinelli toes, so this guy Paul Puccinelli will never be held accountable for the shady things he has done during his tenure as a county employee. Funny how Everett seems to fit right in with these shady people he now supervises. If Everett is really so big on “transparency” he would be able to see right through Paul Puccinelli’s and Heather Edwards’ lies! 

The ADLC Planning Department Pretty Much Sucks.

I believe the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Planning Department is one of the most messed-up, dysfunctional piles of corruption in Montana. Deer Lodge County has had a total of three County Planning Directors in less than a year. Before those three county planning directors came along, the planning director was none other than the corrupt former CEO, Connie Ternes-Daniels, so it’s no wonder the planning department is such a mess.

Doug Clark was the planning director from 2013 to 2016. I posted several of Doug Clark’s lying emails on my blog in the past. Doug Clark has (allegedly) committed felony tampering as well. Lots and lots of felony tampering. Nobody knows why Doug Clark quit his job as planning director in June of 2016, but his exit looks pretty fishy.

Clark “quit” a really good government job to open up an “upholstery shop” in the basement of ADLC Commissioner Terry Vermiere’s graphics shop on Park Avenue here in Anaconda. But Doug Clark’s business doesn’t even look like a legitimate business to me. Nope. Doug Clark looks like he got stuck in the dungeon for some reason. If he has opened up a new business, then why is there no SIGN on the building to indicate his business is there? I have never seen any advertisements for this business, other than on Facebook. Driving by on the street, you wouldn’t even know an upholstery shop exists at that location. It doesn’t look like Doug Clark gets much business at all and you have to wonder what is going on between Clark and Commissioner Vermiere.

What Did Bill Everett Do To Steve Hess, Anyway?

After Doug Clark left the position in June of 2016, it took Connie Ternes-Daniels a few months to hire another planning director. She finally hired Steve Hess last fall, but he didn’t last too long after CEO Everett was sworn in. Nobody really knows what happened to Steve Hess, either. He actually seemed like a knowledgeable guy, but I think Everett fired him. Bill Everett called a secret “executive session” during a PUBLIC commission meeting one night, and the public was not allowed to know why Everett was suddenly advertising for a new planning director. So much for transparency! Holding executive sessions during public meetings is NOT transparent at all. Everett talks out both sides of his mouth, which is really no surprise.

And Then Along Comes Chas Ariss.

Chas Ariss is the new guy that CEO Bill Everett hired after the sneaky executive session. Much to my dismay, I recently discovered that this new planning director lives in my neighborhood on the corner of 7th and Cedar Street. This is the guy who almost made me have a heart attack by placing campaign signs in his yard for “BEN KRAKOWKA”, the evil Deer Lodge County Attorney. Yep… before I even knew Chas Ariss’s name, I already thought he was nuts because he willingly endorsed one of the most corrupt men in Anaconda. Ariss’s endorsement of County Attorney Krakowka did not win Chas any “Poopsie Points”, that’s for sure! And neither did this:


So, what is going on here? Well, I took the photo above as I was stopped on Cedar Street and 7th, at the stop sign. I was going to turn left when I saw this trailer and ATV blocking my view of the oncoming traffic on 7th Street. These illegally parked vehicles belong to Chas Ariss, the new planning director. Apparently when Bill Everett hired this Ariss character, Ariss was allotted his own designated parking spot right on the corner yellow zone. When you are a high and mighty county department head, you get to do stuff like this. Notice how Mr. Ariss has his trailer and ATV parked perfectly ON the yellow zone as if it’s his own private parking spot:



Ariss is not only blocking the view of the oncoming traffic on 7th Street, he is blocking the sidewalk on Cedar Street, too. What if a little kid comes along on his bike and tries to cross Cedar Street and smashes into Chas Ariss’s “Man Toy”? What if somebody is pushing a stroller with a small baby in it and tries to cross Cedar Street? What if somebody in a wheel chair tries to cross Cedar Street right there? The sidewalk and crossing are totally blocked on Cedar Street. This is just plain RUDE !

And if a small child was at the crosswalk pictured below, trying to cross 7th Street, traffic turning around that corner would not be able see anybody. Apparently, Planning Director Ariss doesn’t much care about kids or public safety. Or following the law, either! This scene is ONE BLOCK away from Lincoln School. Not cool, Chas Ariss. NOT COOL!!


Make sure to get a good look at the dandelion farm in Ariss’s yard, too. I think he has the tallest dandelions in the whole neighborhood. Well, after seeing this parking job and the tall dandelions, it became crystal clear! It is no wonder that NOBODY from the county will do anything about the illegal zoning mess next to my home. If Mr. Ariss thinks this bullshit parking job is okay, then he must think violating ANY law is perfectly okay… especially if your name is Chas Ariss. And he obviously couldn’t care less about zoning violations. He is apparently far above the law, just like his boss CEO Everett, and many of Everett’s courthouse cronies.

Uh Oh… Here Comes Da Judge, Larry Pahut! BUSTED!


Well lookie here! What is this? Why, it’s none other than Judge Larry Pahut in his infamous red truck, appearing at just the right place and just the right time to bust the county planning director and send him to jail for parking crimes! I promise you: If I, Poopsie Leroux, so much as DARED to park even one vehicle on a yellow zone, I could be sent to jail for 30 days and have to pay a major fine. So, when I spied Judge Pahut here, I thought he might do something about Planning Director Ariss and the illegal, unsafe yellow zone parking.

Nope, I was wrong. Pahut drove right on by. He lives on the other side of Chas Ariss’s block. They are probably good buddies. However, I would like to commend Judge Pahut for actually stopping at that stop sign. Most judges think they don’t have to stop at stop signs, so I was very proud of Larry for at least STOPPING properly! Good job, Judge Pahut! Thank you!


Hey Chas Ariss. Look At THIS!

A screen shot from the ADLC Code of Ordinances, concerning parking:



Chas Ariss Endorsed THIS GUY, Ben Krakowka:


That’s County Attorney Krakowka in the orange vest, sitting in his own ATV with a couple of his home boys in the foreground. What does Krakowka have in his right hand, hidden behind his back from the camera? I can just picture Krakowka and his buddy Chas Ariss out riding around illegally on Forest Service trails in their ATV’s.  Not hard to imagine. CEO Everett should be ashamed of himself for hiring Mr. Ariss. It doesn’t appear that Ariss has any interest in ethics or public safety or ZONING LAWS whatsoever. Bill Everett should be ashamed of the illegal zoning mess next to my home on 8th Street, as well. 

And What About That Playground Sand?

Now that I have seen firsthand how CEO Everett and his new planning director do business, I am very suspicious of anything CEO Everett does. Most locals know that the county has been testing soil and sand at Benny Goodman Park for arsenic and lead. The testing did indeed find contamination, and found the highest levels of contamination to be in the playground sand.

Obviously, sand is not a naturally occurring substance in Benny Goodman Park. The playground sand turned out to be more contaminated than the surrounding dirt, so it’s obvious the sand was hauled IN to the park from a more contaminated site than the park itself. While I do believe it’s a good thing the contaminated sand was replaced, the citizens have NO GUARANTEE that the NEW sand is not contaminated as well. I doubt Ariss would really, truly care about something like contaminated playground sand. This new planning director doesn’t have much respect for children in his own neighborhood.

Where did the new, supposedly clean playground sand come from, and can we actually believe what CEO Everett and Planning Director Ariss say? Another one of Everett’s first big projects after taking office was to remove the notorious Super Slide and the huge hill of dirt the slide was built on. Did anybody think to test the dirt mound from the Super Slide for contamination? It’s quite likely that pile of dirt was contaminated as well. Since the county has now re-used that big dirt pile elsewhere, I think the citizens deserve to know if that dirt is contaminated. I am also wondering if our WATER is actually clean enough to drink….

Citizens, BEWARE!!!





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