The Stop Lights Of Main Street

April 12, 2017 // Posted By Scoop Trooley

A Gentle Reminder To The District Court Staff

Being an outsider, who lives in the woods, sometimes I notice things that entrenched Anacondans may not notice. At approximately 2:45 P.M. yesterday, April 11, I was driving north on Main Street when I observed the Clerk of District Court Susie Krueger walking down Main Street in the same direction. Krueger was accompanied by two unidentified courthouse staffers. Apparently, these ladies go on “power walks” during their work breaks. I see these ladies frequently out walking on their breaks, and I do applaud that.

However, I would like to remind everyone that there are STOP LIGHTS on Main Street, and even the Clerk of District Court Susie Krueger must abide by those stop lights. Yesterday, I recall observing Krueger and her courthouse companions DEFYING a stop light and walking across Park Avenue on a red light. I myself had stopped for the stop light in my truck as I observed these ladies, with their backs to me, proceeding to walk across the street against the red light on the west side of Main Street.

This is called “setting a bad example for citizens, especially kids.” So please, everybody! Please, please abide by the law and observe all stop lights. When you see a red light, you must wait until that light turns green, and then you can proceed to cross the street. The reason we have stop light laws is so adults and children do not get squished by oncoming traffic. As a reminder, I have provided the following photo:


The District Court Judge himself, Ray Dayton, has trouble observing traffic laws, (and other important laws) so he is obviously setting a bad example for not only his office staff, but the citizens as well. Bad examples usually start at the top, and trickle down. Please let us all remember that.

So, as a special treat for Judge Ray Dayton, who doesn’t seem to understand basic laws and is setting a truly bad example right here in his own community, I will re-post a poem that I found on another blog:

Main Street, Anaconda

Jay Daytona of Main Street he was,
The Important District Court Judge.
As he fired up his engine
He thought he would mention
He does what he does…. just because.
His truck, it has vanity plates
With his name in big letters that say:
Hey, this is my truck
With a name you can trust.
I’m the judge who drives fast every day!
T’was on Main Street, right after court.
Daytona was speeding towards Fourth.
Headed straight to the park,
It was all on a lark,
He rear-ended a nun in a Ford!
And that stop light….. what was that thing?
His truck, it flew by with a ZING!
His gas pedal flattened,
Pedestrians scattered…
His truck now appeared to have wings!
Round the bend to the park he did fly!
As he breached the curve on two tires,
His engine was blazin’
And nothin’ could faze him.
Daytona drove Main Street in style!
Judge Daytona, he loved to drive fast!
Racing was fun, what a blast!
As one of the judges,
He’d never get busted,
He’d never be stopped in his tracks!