CEO Bill Everett: More Of The Same?

Politician$: Playing With Taxpayer $$ Is $o FUN!

As most locals know (it was hard to escape it) we recently had a heated political race here in Anaconda. After many years as a community political fixture, Connie Ternes-Daniels was ousted by the newcomer Bill Everett in the recent Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Chief Executive race. I must say I was optimistic about Everett’s victory…. but I knew, deep down inside, I was probably being a little too idealistic about the situation. 

57360f6198267-image Bill Everett, ADLC Chief Executive Officer

There is something here in Anaconda that I call the “Magic Grapevine”. I have never lived in another community where gossip travels faster than right here in Anaconda. Gossiping in Anaconda is an absolutely revered institution that will live forever. As in any town, sometimes the gossip is false, but more often than not, the gossip I hear in Anaconda turns out to be quite accurate. You just have to talk to the right people.

That is why I started to get very nervous when I heard some local gossip about this guy, Bill Everett. I have only met Mr. Everett briefly, once or twice. I make it a point to never talk to politicians personally, because they never tell the truth to your face. I have had many conversations with some of Mr. Everett’s surrogates, however; people in his “clique”, so to speak. Anaconda is full of different cliques.

Now keep in mind, what I am about to tell you is strictly hearsay at this point. I cannot confirm one way or another that Bill Everett actually said this, but I do believe it to be true. It sounds about right. About a month after he was sworn in, I spoke with a local citizen who had actually spoken with Bill Everett about his new job. When asked how he liked working as the new CEO, Bill Everett (allegedly) said:

Oh, I love this job! Some men have new trucks to play with. I have a whole COUNTY to play with!  

I will leave it to the citizens to decide if Mr. Everett is “playing” with his county or “working” with his county. So far, to this blogger, it seems Mr. Everett’s new job has gone straight to his political newcomer’s head, and he is simply playing with taxpayer money. It appears to me that Everett, in his short time in office, has simply wasted a large chunk of taxpayer money by hiring even MORE ethically-challenged lawyers with dubious skills. How many county attorneys does one teeny little county actually needanyway? 

One of these recently-hired lawyers, Kathryn McEnery, was apparently hired illegally, so only time will tell if Bill Everett turns out to be an effective CEO or not. I have my doubts. Looks like more of the same old spin to me. Everett is only as good as the legal advice he is getting, so the citizens need to keep a close eye on his official performance.

Posted by $coop Trooley, February 25, 2017