County Attorney Krakowka “Hires” Another Deputy

Meet The New “Deputy Prosecutor”, Kathryn McEnery

According to the January 24, 2017 Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Commission meeting minutes, County Attorney Ben Krakowka has hired a deputy county attorney to replace Ellen Donohue, who took a job as the Mineral County Attorney. It is not clear whether Krakowka followed state law when he hired this new deputy. However, it appears that he did not. Apparently, nothing was mentioned in the commission meeting minutes about this latest “hiring” until it was a done deal.

There were no public meetings about this. This hiring was possibly mentioned by Krakowka at a public meeting prior to the new deputy actually being hired, but the commission did not vote on this. Ben Krakowka did not get approval from the commission for this. Here is the state law that dictates the hiring of deputy county attorneys:

Montana Code: 7-4-2703. Limitation on number of deputies. In counties having a taxable valuation of $30 million or more, the county attorney may appoint one chief deputy and one deputy. In all other counties, the county attorney may appoint a chief deputy or a deputy only with the approval of the board of county commissioners.

The Style Guide To Divorce, by Kathryn McEnery

The new deputy county attorney apparently has written a book about divorce, called the Style Guide To Divorce, which she sells online from her Facebook page, and on Amazon too. She apparently is actively marketing this book, even as she is starting her new job as the deputy Deer Lodge County Attorney. Meet Kathryn McEnery, Montana lawyer, lately from Thompson Falls:


Here is her Facebook page:

McEnery says:

“My husband made me what I am today… a happily divorced woman! You shouldn’t have to endure your divorce – here’s how to enjoy it.”


A Quote From Page 15 of The Style Guide To Divorce

Ms. McEnery is apparently alluding to her soon-to-be former husband:

“Whenever you hang up the phone on a pointless negotiation over piano lessons, or when you’ve just proof-read your child’s “My Family” essay, which mentions Dad’s new house on the lake, wash it all away with a cold, cheap beer. Then picture his face as you crush the can under your foot”.

You Can Buy The Style Guide To Divorce, here:


Is This Appropriate For A PROSECUTOR In Anaconda?

Anaconda has a very high rate of domestic violence, child abuse and alcoholism. I DO NOT THINK this lady, Kathryn McEnery, is an appropriate choice for a deputy county attorney in a town like this. The county attorney’s office deals with child protection cases, and has the power to remove children from the custody of their parents. so this choice of lawyers does not bode well.

I personally feel this online peddling of a book, glorifying divorce and meanness, especially when children may be involved, is most definitely tacky. It lends an appearance of impropriety to this lady’s new job. Is this lady a mother? Does she even have kids of her own? Being flippant about divorce when kids are involved is just not cool. Not stylish. Especially in a town like Anaconda.

You have to wonder why County Attorney Krakowka “hired” this particular lawyer. Krakowka states in the commission meeting minutes that Ms. McEnery “is currently looking for a place to live, and he (Krakowka) drove her around town today.” Mr. Krakowka further states “he thinks Ms. McEnery is going to work out very well.”


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3 thoughts on “County Attorney Krakowka “Hires” Another Deputy

  1. Just so you know, ‘Anaconda Deer lodge county’ is a consolidated city-county with it’s own charter. The Montana code does not apply to this county on matters of how many deputies it has, since it has its own charter. The law you cited applies only to regular counties, but Anaconda is both a city and a county, and is entitled to set up its own unique structure in our charter.

    Normally on hiring, the commission must approve hiring only of department heads. A deputy county attorney has typically been hired by the county attorney, with approval by the CEO. This is how its always been done….The job should be listed at Job Service, etc. before hiring per other county policies.


  2. No, I am afraid you are mistaken, Eddy. According to Article VI of the ADLC Charter, the County Attorney must abide by state law. Deer Lodge County is not exempt from abiding by state law just because it’s a combined-city county government. It’s too bad that there is this misconception about the laws. The laws are very clear.

    The ADLC Charter states: “The County Attorney shall be the prosecuting attorney and the legal counsel to Anaconda-Deer Lodge County and shall have those duties set by state law.”

    The law I cited, Montana Code: 7-4-2703, doesn’t just apply to “regular county attorneys”… it applies to ALL county attorneys and it appears that the Deer Lodge County Attorney is in violation of that law.

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  3. Here is the full text of Article VI of the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Charter:

    -County Attorney-

    Section 1:
    The County Attorney shall be the prosecuting attorney and the legal counsel to Anaconda-Deer Lodge County and shall have those duties set by state law.

    -Election, Qualifications, Removal and Vacancy-
    Section 2:

    1.) The County Attorney shall be elected on a four (4) year term on a non-partisan ballot, shall have qualifications set by state law, and may removed from office as provided by state law.
    2.) In the event of a vacancy, the commissioners shall appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy until the next regular Anaconda-Deer Lodge County election, at which time the remainder of the term shall be completed as required by law.

    Section 3:
    The county attorney shall be compensated according to state law.

    Notice how the Chief Executive is not mentioned in Article VI of the ADLC charter. Also, please note that in my research I have discovered that Anaconda-Deer Lodge County’s taxable value is much less than $30 million, so it definitely looks like County Attorney Krakowka pulled a fast one on the citizens as well as the commission, when he “hired” Ms. McEnery.


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